lr02s5   Sensor Receiver 8mtr Range
lt01s-5   Transmitter
lt01s-5 Transmitter
ml100-55-102-115   (Retro) Sn=5mtr NPN NO/NC (210544)
obt500-18gm60-e4   (Diffuse) Sn=500mm M18 NPN NO/NC
pa10a-500-230   Amplifier 230V AC
pa10a-501-115   Amplifier 115V AC
pc-0.75-2c-c   JZ Cable 0.75mm x 2C (100 mtr)
pc-0.75-3c-c   JZ Cable 0.75mm x 3C (100 mtr)
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NPE (New Prosperity Electrical), a leading Singapore online electrical parts shop, offers an extensive range of industrial automation products, including cables, amplifiers, diffusers, and receivers. These components are integral to establishing seamless communication and control within automation systems, ensuring efficient and reliable operations across various industries.

Our high-quality photo electric cables are designed to provide optimal data transfer and power distribution among different components in the automation chain. Paired with our advanced amplifiers, which effectively boost signals to overcome attenuation, our cables ensure uninterrupted communication throughout your system. Additionally, our diffusers evenly distribute signals, while our receivers decode transmissions for further processing, facilitating smooth automation operations.

At NPE, we understand that cable properties such as length, material, and shielding significantly impact overall system performance. That's why we offer a wide selection of cables with varying specifications to cater to diverse requirements. Our expert team is always available to guide you in choosing the right cables, amplifiers, diffusers, and receivers for your specific automation needs.

By opting for NPE's top-tier industrial automation products, you invest in superior performance, reliability, and efficiency for your manufacturing or production processes. Trust NPE to deliver exceptional solutions tailored to your unique automation challenges. Explore our comprehensive product offerings today and experience the difference that NPE's expertise brings to your industrial automation systems.