Power Breaker


Power Breaker

19071   OF+OF Auxiliary - NG125
29450   Auxiliary 1C/O - NSX100/630
a9a26476   iMX Shunt 100-415VAC - iC60, iLD
a9a26478   iMX Shunt Trip 12-24VAC - iC60, iLD
a9a26924   iOF Auxiliary 1C/O - iC60, iLD
a9a26927   iSD Fault 1C/O - iC60, iLD
a9a26946   iMX+OF Shunt 100-415VAC - iC60, iLD
a9a26970   Padlock Device - Acti9

In the dynamic field of industrial automation, ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems is of utmost importance. NPE offers a comprehensive range of power breaker solutions, including miniature power breakers, designed to protect your equipment and infrastructure from potential electrical faults and hazards, while maintaining optimal performance.

Miniature power breakers are an essential component for safeguarding electrical circuits in various industrial applications. Their compact design allows for easy integration into existing systems, providing reliable protection against overloads and short circuits. By detecting and interrupting electrical faults in a timely manner, these breakers prevent damage to equipment, reduce downtime, and ensure the safety of personnel.

NPE's miniature power breakers are engineered with precision and quality in mind, ensuring consistent performance and durability even in demanding industrial environments. Their user-friendly design facilitates easy installation and maintenance, minimizing operational disruptions and contributing to overall efficiency.

In addition to their protective function, these power breakers also play a vital role in enhancing energy efficiency. By monitoring and managing electrical loads effectively, they contribute to sustainable energy consumption practices within industrial facilities, helping businesses reduce their environmental impact and cut costs.

At NPE, we understand the critical role that power breakers play in maintaining the safety and efficiency of industrial automation systems. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and engineering excellence ensures that our products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. Explore our range of miniature power breakers today and invest in the protection and optimization of your electrical infrastructure with NPE's advanced solutions.