a22-03t   Button Plate (Green)
a22-be3c   Adaptor (Base Mount)
a22-be6   Adaptor
a22-be6 Adaptor
a22-bft 415/6v(bl)   Pilot Light (Blue) 415/6
a22-bft 415/6v(ge)   Pilot Light (Yellow) 415/6
a22-bft 415/6v(gn)   Pilot Light (Green) 415/6
a22-bft 415/6v(rt)   Pilot Light (Red) 415/6

In the rapidly evolving world of industrial automation, effective communication and signalling are crucial for ensuring smooth and efficient operations. NPE offers a diverse range of signalling products designed to enhance control, safety, and productivity across various industrial applications. Our offerings include cam switches, control stations/pendants, limit switches, pilot lights/selectors/push buttons, sounders/rotating signals, and tower lights/strobes.

Cam switches provide reliable and precise switching capabilities for a wide array of applications, ensuring optimal control over machinery and equipment. Control stations and pendants offer user-friendly interfaces for managing complex processes, allowing operators to maintain full control over their automation systems.

Limit switches play a vital role in safeguarding equipment by detecting the presence or position of objects, triggering a response to prevent potential damage or hazards. Pilot lights, selectors, and push buttons contribute to enhanced system control, enabling operators to monitor and manage processes with ease and accuracy.

Sounders and rotating signals help ensure safety within industrial environments by providing audible and visual alerts for various situations, such as equipment malfunctions or emergency scenarios. Tower lights and strobes deliver highly visible indicators of system status, enabling rapid response to changing conditions and improving overall efficiency.

At NPE, we understand the importance of reliable and effective signalling solutions in maintaining the performance and safety of industrial automation systems. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and engineering excellence ensures that our products meet the highest standards in the industry. Explore our comprehensive range of signalling products today and experience the difference that NPE's advanced technology can make in your operations.