Light Control


Light Control

a60-12-98w-p   E27 6500K 230V DayLight LED Bulb 12-98W
bjb-1   Flour/Lamp Holder (345/MAU)
bt-12v-7ah   Battery 12V 7.2Ah
clh104   Lampholder Screw Batten (ES)
clh105   Lampholder Bayonet (BC)
dl-18w-cw   TLD 18W/33 - Cool White
dl-18w-ww   TLD 18W/827 - Warm White
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In today's energy-conscious world, effective lighting management is essential for optimizing efficiency and reducing operational costs across various industries. NPE offers a comprehensive range of light control solutions designed to enhance the performance, safety, and sustainability of lighting systems. Our innovative products include ballast/battery controllers, emergency lighting, lamps/bulbs/LEDs, lighting fixtures, and PIR/microwave/motion sensors.

Ballast/battery controllers play a crucial role in regulating energy usage within lighting systems, ensuring stable and efficient operation while minimizing energy consumption. Emergency lighting solutions provide essential illumination during power outages or emergency situations, enhancing safety and facilitating rapid response.

Lamps, bulbs, and LEDs are fundamental components of any lighting system, and NPE offers a wide array of high-quality options designed to deliver optimal performance and longevity. Our lighting fixtures are expertly engineered to ensure maximum light output, durability, and compatibility with various applications.

PIR, microwave, and motion sensors offer intelligent control over lighting systems, detecting movement, and adjusting illumination levels accordingly. These advanced sensors contribute to energy efficiency by ensuring that lights are only activated when needed, reducing unnecessary energy usage, and lowering operational costs.

At NPE, we understand the importance of effective lighting management in driving success for businesses across different sectors. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and engineering excellence ensures that our light control solutions not only meet but exceed industry standards. Explore our extensive range of lighting management products today and experience the benefits of NPE's advanced technology in optimizing your lighting systems for improved efficiency, safety, and sustainability.