Power Distribution
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Circuit Breaker

Circuit breaker is one kind of electrical switch used to guard an electrical circuit against short circuit otherwise an overload which will cause by excess current supply. The basic function of a circuit breaker is to stop the flow of current once a fault has occurred. Circuit breaker can be operated either automatically or manually to restart regular operation.

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Power Meter

Power meter is used for monitoring electrical installations. A Power Meter monitors and measures all the electrical parameters such as voltage, active power, apparent power, current, power factor, reactive power, Active energy, phase angle and so on.  It is widely used for motor control centers, control panels, Genset panels, power distribution panels, and so on.



The Surge Protection Device is allied in parallel in the power supply circuit, which can be used on all stages of the power supply system. The surge protection device is the most frequently used and also well-organized kind of over-voltage protective devices.

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Protection Relay

Protection Relay is used to prevent damage to the electrical motor, such as internal faults in the motor. Also external conditions when connecting to the power grid or during use have to be detected and abnormal conditions must be prevented. The protection relays provide main protection for synchronous and asynchronous motors. They can be used for circuit-breaker and contactor-controlled motors in a variety of drive applications, such as, motor drives for pumps, fans, compressors, mills and crushers.