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Wire Accessories   PVC Enclosure 243x190x90mm (IP65)   PVC Enclosure 310x230x115mm (IP65)   PVC Enclosure 150x110x70mm (IP65)   PVC Enclosure 190x145x72mm (IP65)
1663sv   Plug 2P+E 6h (Blue) 16A 200-250V IP44 (0130106)

Wire accessories play an important role in the world of cable management. Often referred to as wire glands, these products provide a secure connection between a cable and its enclosure. Cable ends are another type of wire accessory that provides electrical insulation, strain relief and environmental sealing for the termination of cables. Both types of wire accessories ensure that cables remain safely connected, protected from moisture or other external elements.

When it comes to selecting wire accessories for your application, there are many considerations to take into account aside from just functionality; size, materials used, temperature range and required certifications should all be taken into consideration when choosing the right product for your needs. Cable glands provide reliable mechanical retention with weatherproofing capabilities while cable ends offer more flexibility when it comes to the choice of material used due to their smaller size; some may even require special tools for installation.