1663sv   Plug 2P+E 6h (Blue) 16A 200-250V IP44 (0130106)
2055   Kyoritsu Digital Clamp KEW 2055 1000A AC/DC
2117r   Kyoritsu Digital Clamp KEW 2117R 1000AAC
24h-13a   Time Switch 13A 24Hrs
3244-60   Hioki Digital Multimeter Card Hitester

In the realm of electrical installations and maintenance, choosing the right wire accessories is crucial to ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability. NPE offers a comprehensive range of high-quality wire accessories designed to cater to various applications and requirements. Our product offerings include connectors/multi-pole, hardware tools, plugs & sockets, terminal blocks, and test & measurement equipment, all aimed at providing you with the best solutions for your electrical needs.

Connectors/multi-pole are essential components in any electrical system, allowing for secure connections between wires and devices. NPE's range of connectors ensures safe and efficient power transmission while minimizing the risk of disconnection or short circuits. Hardware tools are indispensable for any electrician or DIY enthusiast, and NPE provides a wide selection of reliable and durable tools to assist with installation and maintenance tasks. Plugs & sockets form the basis of connecting electrical devices to the power supply, and NPE's high-quality offerings guarantee compatibility, safety, and ease of use.

Terminal blocks play a crucial role in organizing and distributing electrical signals within a circuit. NPE offers a variety of terminal blocks designed to accommodate different wiring configurations and sizes, ensuring proper function and organization of your electrical system. Lastly, our test & measurement equipment provides accurate readings and analysis of various electrical parameters, enabling you to monitor performance, diagnose issues, and maintain system integrity.

Explore NPE's extensive range of wire accessories and discover the perfect products to address your specific electrical needs. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust NPE to deliver the solutions you require for your projects.