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Cable Management

b-iso-12   Brass Cable Gland 12mm (9HT RSKM-M12A-C-OM)
b-iso-20   Brass Cable Gland 20mm (9HT RSKM-M20A-C-OM)
b-iso-25   Brass Cable Gland 25mm (9HT RSKM-M25A-C-OM)
b-iso-32   Brass Cable Gland 32mm (9HT RSKM-M32A-C-OM)
b-iso-40   Brass Cable Gland 40mm (9HT RSKM-M40A-C-OM)
b-iso-50   Brass Cable Gland 50mm (9HT RSKM-M50A-C-OM)
b-iso-63   Brass Cable Gland 63mm (9HT RSKM-M63A-C-OM)
ct-10b   Cable Tie 10" 250sb - Black
ct-12b   Cable Tie 12" 300sb - Black

Efficient cable management is essential for maintaining a safe, organized, and clutter-free environment in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. NPE offers a wide range of high-quality wire accessories designed to simplify and enhance your cable management efforts. Our product offerings, including cable ties, are aimed at providing you with effective and reliable solutions for organizing and securing your electrical wiring systems.

Cable ties serve as an indispensable tool for keeping wires and cables neatly bundled, reducing the risk of accidents, and improving the overall appearance of your space. These versatile and easy-to-use accessories can be used in various applications, from organizing home entertainment systems to managing complex industrial wiring installations. NPE's selection of cable ties is available in different sizes, materials, and colours to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that you have the right tools at hand to manage your cables effectively.

In addition to cable ties, NPE offers other cable management solutions designed to address a variety of needs. These products ensure that your electrical installations remain tidy, well-organized, and easy to maintain, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your systems. By investing in quality wire accessories from NPE, you can minimize the potential for tangled wires, tripping hazards, and other complications that can arise from poorly managed cables.

Explore NPE's extensive range of wire accessories and discover the perfect cable management products to address your specific needs. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust NPE to deliver the solutions you need to keep your electrical installations safe, organized, and efficient.