Cable Management


Cable Management

b-iso-12   Brass Cable Gland 12mm (9HT RSKM-M12A-C-OM)
b-iso-20   Brass Cable Gland 20mm (9HT RSKM-M20A-C-OM)
b-iso-25   Brass Cable Gland 25mm (9HT RSKM-M25A-C-OM)
b-iso-32   Brass Cable Gland 32mm (9HT RSKM-M32A-C-OM)
b-iso-40   Brass Cable Gland 40mm (9HT RSKM-M40A-C-OM)
b-iso-50   Brass Cable Gland 50mm (9HT RSKM-M50A-C-OM)
b-iso-63   Brass Cable Gland 63mm (9HT RSKM-M63A-C-OM)
dz5ca007  Cable End 0.75mm Marker Tag  (100/pkt)

Effective cable management is essential for maintaining the safety, organization, and efficiency of electrical installations in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. NPE offers a wide range of high-quality wire management products designed to simplify and enhance your cable management efforts. Our product offerings, including cable glands, cable lugs/ferrules, cable markers, and conduit fittings (PVC & metallic), are aimed at providing you with reliable and efficient solutions for organizing and securing your electrical wiring systems.

Cable glands serve as a vital component in maintaining the integrity and protection of your cables, ensuring secure connections, and preventing ingress of dust, moisture, and other contaminants. NPE's selection of cable glands caters to various applications and requirements, providing you with the ideal solution for your specific needs. Cable lugs and ferrules are essential for establishing strong and reliable connections between wires and terminals, ensuring optimal conductivity and minimizing the risk of disconnection or short circuits.

Cable markers play a crucial role in simplifying cable identification and organization, making it easy to locate and manage individual wires within a bundle. Conduit fittings, available in both PVC and metallic options, provide a safe and organized pathway for your cables, protecting them from damage and reducing the risk of accidents. NPE's range of conduit fittings is designed to accommodate different wiring configurations and sizes, ensuring the proper function and organization of your electrical system.

Explore NPE's extensive range of wire management products and discover the perfect cable management solutions to address your specific needs. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust NPE to deliver the tools and accessories you need to keep your electrical installations safe, organized, and efficient.