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Wire Management

b-mp   Base Plate For 110x80
b65g   ABS Enclosure 110x80x65mm (IP67)
b85g   ABS Enclosure 110x80x85mm (IP67)
c-mp   Base Plate For 140x80
c65g   ABS Enclosure 140x80x65mm (IP67)
c85g   ABS Enclosure 140x80x85mm (IP67)
cp5001   ABS Enclosure 280x210x130mm (IP65)
cp5002d   ABS Enclosure 350x250x150mm (IP65)

Wire management is a crucial component of any electrical project. To ensure successful execution, it's important to have the right product for the job. New Prosperity Electrical offers a wide selection of wire management solutions designed to fit the needs of any project. 

Whether you need an insulated terminal block or a cable tie, we have all the parts and components necessary to facilitate proper installation. We carry a range of sizes, styles, and materials in order to meet any budget or requirement for your job site. Our products are constructed with quality in mind and tested for safety and reliability so you can be sure that your installation will be up-to-code, efficient, and reliable. 

Our experienced staff are here to help guide you through selecting the best wire management solution for your application. Shop on our store for electrical products online today for all your wire management needs!