pc-0.75-2c-c   JZ Cable 0.75mm x 2C (100 mtr)
pc-0.75-3c-c   JZ Cable 0.75mm x 3C (100 mtr)
pc-0.75-4c-c   JZ Cable 0.75mm x 4C (100 mtr)
pc-1.5-2c-c   JZ Cable 1.5mm x 2C (100 mtr)
pc-1.5-3c-c   JZ Cable 1.5mm x 3C (100 mtr)
pc-1.5-4c-c   JZ Cable 1.5mm x 4C (100 mtr)

In the world of electrical installations, choosing the appropriate wire accessories is essential for ensuring safety, performance, and reliability. NPE offers a comprehensive selection of top-quality cable products designed to cater to various applications and requirements. Our product offerings include instrumentation/control cables, neoprene cables, and PVC/H0VK cables, all aimed at providing you with the best solutions for your electrical needs.

Instrumentation/control cables are designed to transmit signals and data in industrial automation and control systems. These cables are built to withstand harsh environments, electromagnetic interference, and provide accurate signal transmission for monitoring and controlling equipment. NPE's range of instrumentation and control cables guarantees reliable performance and durability, making them an ideal choice for demanding applications.

Neoprene cables are known for their excellent resistance to oil, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, making them suitable for outdoor and heavy-duty applications. These cables offer exceptional flexibility and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in the most challenging conditions. NPE's selection of neoprene cables ensures that your electrical installations remain safe and functional in any environment.

PVC/H0VK cables are versatile and widely used in various residential, commercial, and industrial applications. These cables feature a PVC insulation that provides excellent electrical properties and protection against moisture, chemicals, and abrasion. NPE's range of PVC/H0VK cables is designed to deliver consistent performance and reliability, meeting the diverse needs of today's electrical projects.

Explore NPE's extensive range of wire accessories and discover the perfect cable products to address your specific electrical requirements. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust NPE to deliver the solutions you need for your projects.